::Brianne and Tanner::

Meet Brianne and Tanner, two of the most fun loving creative people I have ever met. They love each other, they love everyone around them, and they are crazy in LOVE with the Lord. Throughout the years I have gotten to know these two a bit better and here are few fun facts about them…

Tanner is super creative and using a dry eraser whiteboard only enhances his creativity. Tanner also knows how to totally rock the house behind the drums.

Brianne is a very talented singer and her voice leads the masses at UCF to worship the Lord at Cru’s One80 weekly meetings. Brianne is also the MacGyver of crafty things. Stick a piece of fabric, twine, and bobby pin in front of her and she will give you the cutest hair accessory you have ever put in your hair.

These two together have also created with others a non-profit called, ‘A Love Project’  which “is a quest for and exploration of both the concept and reality of love. It is an artistic endeavor to reach past the cheap counterfeits and placebo effects and find the realness and rawness of what love truly is.” It has been an honor to see these two pursue the Lord together and to see how they use their blessings to expand His kingdom. I can’t wait for the day they join in holy matrimony.


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